Hello there, my name is Phillip, and I will be blogging about various topics on this site. Most of it will be about gardening, planting, seasonal topics, and the occasional blog about events around Phoenix and in Arizona. I have been gardening since I have worked at my first “official grown up job” (1989), which was working in a garden nursery. I fell in love with gardening and plants. I am by no means an expert, but I do love gardening and am interested in reading/hearing about your gardening experiences.

September has knocked on the door, and finally made an appearance. All year long I (and others) wait, patiently for September to arrive. Now that it is here, September needs to slow down, as it is a wonderful time when splashes of colors are seen, breezes are felt, and dramatic sunsets observed.

My first official job was working in a garden department.  I loved it, but I did not know a single thing about planting, and I often looked up information to be able to answer customers’ questions, but I loved it.  Thus, my love for plants and gardening started. I am not an expert gardener, but I was and am still willing to read and ask questions to learn!

Soil preparation is important for all types of gardening.  It is important to mix compost or gardening soil into your existing soil, especially here in Arizona where soil tends to be dry and deficient. Simply mix the additive soil into your existing native soil.  If you need more information, it can be found at phxgardening. This site recommends using 20 % to 50% additive soil to your native soil.

If you are looking to plant vegetables or flowers, the University of Arizona has compiled an informative planting schedule that provides useful information on what, when, and how.  Both links provide valuable information and tips.

Whether you are already an experienced gardener, or just starting out, I wish you the best and lots of enjoyment, relaxation, and joy in your gardening.